Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"My Town" shootout.... a little early this week!

Being a music teacher, and with school letting out for summer this week, time Friday will be scarce (gotta have the school band play at our promotion ceremony!), so here's the shootout on a Tuesday!

This week's theme was suggested by Shootout team member Sarah Lulu in Australia--anything and everything M in honor of her new granddaughter Matilda!

I was wracking my brain trying to think of things unique to Dublin that were "m". We have the usual MALLS and MEDICAL offices, not to forget the beautiful MOUNTAINS and quirky MALLARD ducks mentioned in previous posts. Then it hit me...


Under our two major freeway overpasses are these fantastic murals depicting Dublin life. The three artists have done a spectacular job incorporating images from Dublin's time of Indian habitation all the way up through modern times. Wonderful artwork with I wasn't too keen on the idea of running onto the median to get some really good shots (way too busy of a street!), so these will have to suffice.

(Be sure to click on the photos to see them in their large size! The detail is amazing!)

If you click on this one, you'll see the names of the artists!

These "medallions" are at the end of each support. They're all in various stages of "decay".

A shot from afar to give you the spectrum...

And some close-ups...

The stagecoach harkens back to Dublin's first days; people started settling here since Dublin (known as Doughtery Station at the time) was the mail outpost!

The Scotch/Irish influence in the area is evident. Besides the town name, our one and only high school in town has the Gael as the mascot!

And two more M things I don't have pictures of, but have to mention....

Every summer, Dublin hosts free Movie in the Park events. It's a great opportunity to see a film with the family out under the stars!


Dublin's annual Summer Concert Series is about to start! Friday nights in our Civic Center Plaza will see acts ranging from R&B to zydeco! And it's FREE, so come on out!


  1. I love the murals, and if you want a non traffic time to shoot them, go during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. You can get into the middle of the street pretty easily then!

  2. Marvelous Murals. I like the next to last one the best. I could just walk into that.

    Thanks for the tour of the murals around your town. You have some great artists there. It was nice of you to introduce them to the world.

    I just saw that you posted on a Tuesday. Do you know how to schedule your posts? If not, shoot me an email. It is really easy and you can post on any day and have it show up at the exact time and day that you want.

    School's out? Does that mean you will have the summer off? I know some teachers keep on working. You sure do need that time off. Teaching is a hard job!

  3. well you might have posted early but I am reading only on Friday night - so whats the problem... Patty is right though it is possible to schedule the post. You did just exactly what we are supposed to be doing (even no rules) the intent of the shoot out is to show the uniqueness of your town - you did this perfectly with the Murals. I loved them.