Thursday, June 25, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--Colors of the Rainbow!

This weeks' Friday Shootout theme was chosen by team member Debby from Germany.

Dublin is part of a rare climate zone called a Mediterranean Climate, which means that all our precipitation happens in the winter--not a drop in the sky at all during the summer! So sorry, but no rainbows to be seen.

I wanted to capture the color in everyday life, so I took a walk and had the camera at the ready.

These flowers are outside my house and I've always found their colors fascinating.

The colorful jersey of this cyclist caught my eye.

These flowering bushes are all around, widely used in landscaping.

The sun playing on the ivy...

Some white roses giving their last gasp...

And how could I go wrong with a Great Blue Heron?!

Sun shining through an empty wine bottle... (and NO, I didn't drink it all myself! ;) This empty was left in a park.)

Some plants ready to be planted in the median....

... and the hard-working men in their chartreuse vests doing the work!

Even though we're not in the South, we have magnolias that scent the air with their wonderful perfume!

I loved the angle of the sun on the silver car and how the rays danced in the taillight.

The shadow....

... of a basketball hoop!

The bright (and HOT!) green in a playground slide...

Some local flora...

With the 4th of July coming up, I had to include our colors...

And living in Dublin, this was the perfect photo to end it all--a GREEN street sign for EMERALD Avenue!


  1. I love the color tour of Dublin, the little white flower towards the end - white with the dot of color on the petal - I see those in Rio and Houston also, have taken photos I don't know how many times and never have managed to get the petals to show distinctly like yours does, good shoot out.

  2. Love all the color and your presentation.

  3. Love the pictures. Interesting one of the tail light on the car. Thanks for sharing. :)