Friday, March 27, 2009

Dublin Honors the Fallen...

By now I'm sure you've heard of the four police officers in Oakland, California who were killed in the line of duty last weekend. Today was their public funeral, which was held at Oakland's Oracle Arena, home of the NBA's Golden State Warriors. Law enforcement from all over, including the town of Dublin, turned out en masse to honor these men. In addition to agencies from all over the US, units from Mexico, as well as a unit from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police were here to pay their respects. All in all, over 21,000 people attended the service. This afternoon, as the four were taken to their final resting places, each and every freeway overpass in Dublin had two fire trucks on it, facing the traffic that was carrying their commrades. These trucks had their lights flashing, flags flying, and each truck's crew was standing on top of the truck, saluting the procession. In addition to service personnel, there were scores of folks just like you and me standing there as well, American flags clasped to their chests, silently weeping for the fallen. I only wish I had my camera at the ready to capture the deeply moving sight. (Calling the sight "deeply moving" doesn't even begin to do it justice)

By the time I had my camera handy, the moment had passed and the last truck was on its way to resume its daily duties.

Dubliners are good people; I'm extremely proud to live amongst them and call them my neighbors.

Head here to see photos taken by our local photojournalists of the AP. Pictures say it better than words ever could.

A glance to the past....

It's cemetery day...

Dublin's Heritage Center has our Pioneer Cemetery in which are buried many of the town's founding families. The Cemetery rests behind Old St. Raymond's Church. Oh, the stories these people could tell.

(click on any of the photos to see a bigger version where you can read the plaques)

Burial site of John Martin, who helped rescue members of the aforementioned Donner Party. Behind him rests Tom Donlon, who actually died falling off the roof of St. Raymond's Church.

Resting place of the Fallon family, another family who helped rescue the Donners.

Founding family Dougherty, whose patriarch was James W. Dougherty. He was one of the founding members of Alameda County, where Dublin is! Read the sign... if you look closely at the foot of James' grave....

... you can see the small headstone for his beloved dog, Carlo.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Springtime's bustin' out all over!

"Welcome to Dublin"!

These white trees are flowering like CRAZY right now... they're perfuming the air with their pungent, sweet smell. The petals fall and that's our version of "snow"! (see them behind the city sign in the above photo)

Our state flower, the California Poppy. It's a wildflower that grows all over the hills to signify the arrival of spring; it opens in the sun and closes up at night or when the fog and clouds roll in.

They're gorgeous!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pink Friday

In California, Friday the 13th was "Pink Friday"--the day any teacher has to be notified if there was a chance that s/he might not have a job next year (hmmm... Friday the 13th; fitting, no?). People were encouraged to wear pink, and many of us put these stickers in our car windows. It's a rough time in California, but like the unwavering spirit of the 49ers and prospectors in the Gold Rush Era, we will persevere and survive!

It's a big weekend for Dublin

With a name like Dublin, you know the town has to have a big St. Patrick's Day celebration!

I took a walk Friday around our City Hall to photograph all the preparations for our annual St. Patrick's Day Festival.

The Civic Center Plaza entrance was all decked out.

These small banners were EVERYWHERE!

City Hall

L-R: Dublin, CA flag; State of California flag; and of course, the flag of the US of A.

Even the streetlights get in on the action!

All about blacksmithing... (but with Scottish flags?!)

The clock tower in Civic Center Plaza

Banners in the wind...

Even with all the festivites, daily life still goes on...

Friday, March 6, 2009

History about town...

The Old Murray Schoolhouse, built in 1856. It's obviously been beautifully restored. :)

Old St. Raymond's Church, 1859. This church still exists, only in a new building across town. This church, as well as the schoolhouse, make up the Dublin Heritage Center

Steeple of Old St. Raymond's

Close-up of the shutters...

One of the lamps on the front of the church. I love the iridescent reflection.

The Heritage Center... hard to believe that there's a bustling 8-lane freeway just beyond those trees!

The bell of St. Raymond's

The bell of the Murray Schoolhouse.

In addition, the center also features the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery. Interred there are the town's founding families--the Fallons, the Murphys, the Kolbs, the Wells, and the Doughertys, to name a few (Gee, Irish much?!)! Plus, there's another fascinating part of California history there; the ill-fated Donner Party was rescued by John Martin and William Fallon, and some members that managed to survive ended up settling here. Matter of fact, most of the founding families came west as prospectors and ended up settling here instead of mining for gold. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More nature around Dublin

Panorama shot from the summit of the aforementioned mountain.

A study in perspective...

Monday, March 2, 2009

First entry

Taken from the summit of Mt. Diablo, 3,849 feet, looking East towards the Sierra Nevadas. And no, there's nothing devilish about this wonderful mountain!