Saturday, March 14, 2009

It's a big weekend for Dublin

With a name like Dublin, you know the town has to have a big St. Patrick's Day celebration!

I took a walk Friday around our City Hall to photograph all the preparations for our annual St. Patrick's Day Festival.

The Civic Center Plaza entrance was all decked out.

These small banners were EVERYWHERE!

City Hall

L-R: Dublin, CA flag; State of California flag; and of course, the flag of the US of A.

Even the streetlights get in on the action!

All about blacksmithing... (but with Scottish flags?!)

The clock tower in Civic Center Plaza

Banners in the wind...

Even with all the festivites, daily life still goes on...


  1. Nice shots. Look forward to seeing more of your town. We are shooting houses for next week. Old/new/mix-em-up. No rules.

    Let us know if you will participate and I will pass your blog on to others. We like to prepare a list in advance. We post on Fridays.

    The following Friday, our assignment is graveyards, courtesy of Barry.

    I like the blacksmith truck. My husband thought it was 2 big beer kegs! Well, it is a St. Patrick's Day Celebration.

    A little too early in the morning for beer.

    Welcome to the Blogosphere. You will meet some great people.

  2. Thanks! I'd like to get more pictures on here. I'm going to try to post with some regularity (at least that's my goal!). My town doesn't have any really old or unique houses; our housing boom has happened in the past 20 years or so, so it's pretty much all tract housing. The only old buildings to speak of are the church and the schoolhouse. I can definitely do the cemetery for the next one!

    Thanks again!