Friday, March 6, 2009

History about town...

The Old Murray Schoolhouse, built in 1856. It's obviously been beautifully restored. :)

Old St. Raymond's Church, 1859. This church still exists, only in a new building across town. This church, as well as the schoolhouse, make up the Dublin Heritage Center

Steeple of Old St. Raymond's

Close-up of the shutters...

One of the lamps on the front of the church. I love the iridescent reflection.

The Heritage Center... hard to believe that there's a bustling 8-lane freeway just beyond those trees!

The bell of St. Raymond's

The bell of the Murray Schoolhouse.

In addition, the center also features the Dublin Pioneer Cemetery. Interred there are the town's founding families--the Fallons, the Murphys, the Kolbs, the Wells, and the Doughertys, to name a few (Gee, Irish much?!)! Plus, there's another fascinating part of California history there; the ill-fated Donner Party was rescued by John Martin and William Fallon, and some members that managed to survive ended up settling here. Matter of fact, most of the founding families came west as prospectors and ended up settling here instead of mining for gold. :)

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