Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--Park landscapes!

This week's Friday Shootout theme is from JarieLyn in Las Vegas, Nevada--Park landscapes!

Head here to see the other participants' fantastic photos!

That's one thing I love about these shootouts... even though I've visited this park many times before, I always get to see it in a new perspective since I'm always photographing a different subject.

And now, Stagecoach Park in Dublin:

There are so many of these wonderful mosaics here!

These installments are all a part of our "Art in Public Places".

And some other landscapes:

In California, this is OUR version of the fall leaves... yeah.

Hmm... something doesn't fit here...

A lonely grill looking for some love...

The start of a beautiful sunset with the moon starting to peek out...

And lastly, that beautiful sunset...


  1. We love the idea of art in public places. Mosaics aren't often done here in Toronto so they really appeal to us.

    Obviously Stagecoach Park is a beautiful place and that final sunset is just spectacular!

    Barry & linda

  2. Nifty mosaics! It's nice to have art like that that's touchable and lasting and bright.
    Give that grill a workout - it's too lonely.

  3. what a beautiful place!! love the mosaics also. the sunset is awesome! have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. beautiful mosaics and lovely sunset.

  5. Love the mosaics! And what a way to finish your post - with the glorious sunset!

  6. Oh, what a nice park to walk around. I love all those pretty mosaics. You don't see that too often in parks. I like it. I want to learn how to do that. Your photos are very nice and i like how you ended it too.

  7. The mosaic benches are beautiful. I wish our parks had something like that. Good job!

  8. I love mosaics... Oh and don't forget the BBQ, I have fond memories of that growing up! (the chef in me too, LOL)

  9. I love the mosaics - I've always wanted to make one! What a great park.