Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--Classics of Childhood!

(I tried posting these last night but it seems Blogger was down!)

This week's theme for the shootout was chosen by Ellisa in Michigan--Classics of Childhood!

Head here to see the other participants' great photos!

I was musing, trying to figure out what to use... what did I miss about my childhood? Then some subjects presented themselves!

A trip to the park with Gramma and Grandpa was a thing I rarely got to experience...

A mom takes her kids to the park on a sunny California afternoon...

Many of us miss our youthful physique... (not to mention the confidence to walk around sans clothing in park!)

The lazy afternoons with nothing to do...

Running around after local wildlife... we used to CHASE wild turkeys, not drink it! ;)

And lastly, I miss the childhood sense of humor we all had. So...

Guess what?


(I couldn't resist that one!)


  1. Hahaha delightful ending to a sweet story and photos.

  2. house is full of that childhood sense of humor, if only I could share it with you :)

  3. Love the ending. We used to always say that as kids too.

  4. nice story and memories. love the ending also.... :-)

  5. LOVE the turkey butt! Thanks for the photo story.
    Thanks for playing this week ♥

  6. Fried in grease,
    want a piece?

    Awesome post :)

  7. LOL - kids love to chase wildlife!

    Great post!

  8. My kids so the same with chicken butt! too cute!