Saturday, August 8, 2009

A morning at the Farmers' Market!

The Bay Area is a melting pot; while there are many towns weaved around the hills, Bay Area people aren't hesitant to head to another town for something!

So this morning, I headed over to neighboring Pleasanton to the WONDERFUL Farmers' Market that runs year-round, rain or shine, on Saturday mornings.

In addition to the market, our local animal shelter, the Tri-Valley Animal Rescue, sets up an adoption event with numerous dogs and cats looking for forever homes.

I only wish I lived in a house and was home more often; I'd adopt one in a SECOND. I miss having a dog around.

An Australian cattle dog cools off in the shade with a TVAR volunteer.

This is Lenny, a pitbull mix who's just a big softie!

This is Doobie, a chihuahua/terrier mix. I'd call him Dumbo, since his ears are ENORMOUS!!

A shy chihuahua mix looks for shelter under a volunteer.

You can just hear his thoughts... "Please take me! I love you!!"

"Here's my best side!"

On to the market... peppers are in season!!!

Some beautiful flowers...

And some yummy strawberries! The flat on the right came home with me... and I have a cobbler recipe waiting! These berries are going to join the peaches and blueberries I also bought this morning and make a great dessert!

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