Saturday, August 22, 2009

Friday "My Town" shootout--funny signs!

(sorry I'm a day late this week... school starts Monday and I'm going CRAZY!!!)

This week's topic for the My Town Shootout was chosen by Si in Virginia--funny and/or amusing signs!

I have only one photo to contribute this week; a local establishment had one that was HYSTERICAL but was taken down a while back (probably because someone got offended... lighten up, people!). It was for a dry cleaner in town, and the sign out front said "Drop your pants here--receive prompt attention". Brilliant!! Alas, it's not there anymore. :(

Here it is. Yes we're in the SF Bay Area, but we're NOWHERE close to the Golden Gate! We have to travel about an hour to it!


  1. Too bad they took the sing down. I would have loved to see it. Sounds funny. I agree that people need to lighten up.

  2. people can be afended by the weirdest things. no sense of humor.... I walked once from fishermans warf to the other side of the golden gate, was a lovely walk. try it sometime.