Friday, May 22, 2009

My town shootout.... paint the town red!

For this week's shootout, the theme was "red", which is difficult when one lives in a city known for "green"! I had to get a bit experimental this week. And living in the San Francisco Bay Area, how could I NOT include the world's most famous RED landmark?!

San Francisco is about 45 minutes West of Dublin, easily traveled by car or our mass transit rail system, BART.

And now for the pictures... they speak for themselves.

If you look below the bridge there...'ll see Fort Point.

Some black and white...

A panorama shot... the Lincoln Park Golf Course (owned by the city of SF) is the proud owner of this view.

Now you know what Tony Bennett was singing about!


  1. Can't go wrong with a big red bridge! Thanks for sharing. Don't feel bad about not having a lot of red. This is all about participation and fun. Sometimes I have time to shoot a lot; sometimes I don't.

    We don't want anyone to drop out because they feel like they have to produce. That would be a like a job - a job you don't get paid for!

    Just happy to have you along. So many people around the world would have never seen that bridge if not for your participation.

    Those golf courses get all the good views, don't they?

  2. Great shots of the bridge - it's a rare day when I'm there and it isn't socked in fog!