Friday, May 15, 2009

"My Town" shootout... getting around!

This week's theme was getting around town without a car. We have a fantastic train/subway system, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system (AKA BART), that has one line that originates in in town and can whisk you away all over the Bay Area. Matter of fact, if I ever venture over to San Francisco, BART is the preferred method of travel!

Here in Dublin, we're fortunate to be part of the Iron Horse Trail (click on the link for info and a map), a 25 mile trail spanning 12 cities in two counties. This trail follows the bed of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which was first run through the area in 1891; it was abandoned and torn down in 1977. The trail meanders through neighborhoods and passes schools, golf courses, and the like. On any given day you'll see walkers, bicyclists, even horseback riders!

It crosses many main thoroughfares, and there are signals at each (see the shadow?). If you were to take this leg, you'd end up at the Dublin library!

Imagine the wonderful sunsets this house sees on a daily basis...

Mile markers for each direction.... mile 1.5 heading north, mile 22.75 heading south!

All that's left of the railroad path...

On such a warm day, one of our local wild turkeys was taking refuge in the shade!

Here's the bed, and on the left you see the trail.

If you ever visit our wonderful town, take a hike on the Iron Horse!

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  1. I remember I came here but not sure if I posted or not. Sometimes, I don't post because I like to go back and enjoy the photos and commentary before posting. We have so many shooters now, it is hard to keep up.

    I loved the roads, especially the one with the bike. They look so inviting.

    The bird photo is super. Are you listed as one of our shoot out bloggers? If not, let me know via email. Will get you added.

    Thanks for participating!