Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some of our local residents...

Dublin has a large number of local fauna that are coming out with the warm weather...

One such animal is the wild turkey (the Rio Grande variety, to be exact). They aren't out in droves yet, but I did find one lone female forraging in a field of mustard.

Give them a couple of weeks--then there will be scores of them out about with their poults!

Many apartment complexes have lakes and streams that our local fowl find welcoming!

One such duck came over to check me out....

...give me an action shot...

...and then pose for me!

We also have a large year-round population of the Canada goose. They're wonderful to watch and photograph, since they've become quite comfortable around humans. Just watch out where you walk! ;)

Lastly, I headed to our local dog park to take a few shots of our wonderful "dog day" afternoon...

Notice the shamrock collar on this guy--even our canine friends are Irish!

I can imagine the collies' thoughts... "Throw. The. Ball. NOW!"


  1. Kathy, Welcome to My Town Shoot Out. I'm in Dublin too, and I know there is a flock of turkeys over on Stagecoach every afternoon, if you are looking for them. Nice shots at Amador Lakes and the dog park too!

  2. Hi! I was actually over on Stagecoach yesterday and didn't see any--just that one lone hen. I'm sure they'll wancder much more in a week or so; just a matter of time until we have to veer around them on the roads!

  3. How beautiful and welcome to "Friday Shoot-Outs"!! We're excited that you've joined our gang!! These are awesome snaps and you've done a fantastic job here my dear!!
    Can't wait to see The Main Four and am on my way there now.
    Please have a blessed and peaceful Easter, take good care and.......

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  4. I love wild turkeys. We have those in our area. They are so sleek and elegant compared to their fluffy domestic cousins the Butterballs. :)