Thursday, April 16, 2009

"My Town" shootout--hungry?

This week's theme was eateries. I tried to stick to things that are unique to Dublin or the Bay Area, or if it's a chain, one with not many establishments. Enjoy the culinary tour!

My FAVORITE restaurant--Bangkok 101! Fantastic Thai fare. Their pad thai is delicious, as is their pineapple fried rice and PaNang (red curry).

Armadillo Willy's Texas BBQ. I highly recommend their pulled pork sandwiches!!

Amici's East Coast Pizzeria. Really good salads and pizza. They've got the really thin, crunchy crust that I love! Go for the Amici's combo--yum!

Peet's Coffee & Tea. BETTER than Starbucks! Peet's started in the Bay Area in 1966 and we're very loyal to them!! They roast here in the Bay Area, and if you're driving by the roastery at JUST the right time, it smells DIVINE. Aaaand... Peet's started BEFORE Starbucks (and the founder Alfred Peet was good friends with Starbucks' founders--Starbucks even bought their beans from Peet's those first few years), and is considered the "inspiration" for the mega-chain.

Hunan House Chinese Restaurant. Very good food--quick, friendly, reliable service! Go for their lunch special. I recommend the sesame chicken.


  1. Great shots, J9. You have a beautiful town. I would live at the Bangkok 101. I used to love the foods when I was in Thailand. I don't eat meat, but there were plenty of rice and stir fried veggie foods to pick from. I could live on sticky rice.

    Peet's sounds wonderful, too. I would be a regular at both places.

    Thanks for another tour of Dublin. This is so much fun. Next week, we have an open assignment so pick your own and surprise us!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Kathy,
    I like Hunan house too, and Amici's does have good pizza. Haven't tried Bangkok101 yet, will have to go there soon!

  3. Funny how your favorites are our favorites! Beautiful photos! Dublin Chamber of Commerce would probably like to use your photos.