Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday "My Town" Shootout--Bokeh!

This week's theme, chosen by T in Maryland--bokeh! It's a technical aspect of photography that deals with blurriness in a photo.

Being an amateur photographer, this one was hard for me, especially since I try to delete the blurry shots I take!

But, I gave it a whirl. Being a music teacher, it's hard to show examples of student work on Open House, so I usually try to take photos throughout the year and have a slideshow running. I went back to look through the photos of the year to find a few good ones:

My orchestra kids were flying!

Hope I did this right....

Have a great weekend, shutterbugs! If you celebrate Easter, hope you're blessed!


  1. Oh I just adored the second shot!! Wow! I teach too and love getting lots of fun shots of the kids..great practice and they love it!!

  2. I think movement causes Bokeh. Great bokeh of the violin hands

  3. nice job! I really like the second one.