Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday "My Town" Shootout--favorite colors!

This week's theme was chosen by Doreen in Michigan--your favorite color!

Mine is purple, as well as nature's orange....

Spring is in the air here in Dublin, California, so here we go!

Some orange occurs natrually, like California's state flower, the Golden Poppy...

And other oranges aren't so naturally occurring!

Spring means birds are out, so here's California's state bird, the California Quail (note the "cowlick" feather on the head!). You can hear these guys with their unique "whistle"...

Lastly... a black-crowned night heron giving me the stink eye...


  1. when I was little, I liked purple. I had a pair of purple shoes will silver heels. I really like them, until my sister said they look hidious. It really ruined it.

    Your purple flowers are so soft.

  2. Beautiful shot. I like the purples too, although, after seeing several shoot-outs, I'm getting really confused.

  3. I love too many colors! lol

  4. poor B&B to be confused about all the color - the more the merrier is what I say. you're purple flowers are beautiful. they look amazingly like the bluebonnet - except not blue of course.

  5. LOL, on the B&B comments...

    I head straight for yellows reds and especially oranges when I see flowers!

    Birds are just a given- wish I could speak 'tweet'!

  6. Wow your flowers are blooming already. Here in MI it just starting. Happy weekend!

    Favorite color: Yellow

  7. I love your photo of the golden poppy beside the river. Just beautiful. Purple is my daughter's favourite colour.

  8. Loved your photographs especially the golden poppy !

  9. beautiful photos. I especially like the second one. love the water behind it. nice shot!!

  10. I like purple too but I didn't post any purple shots. I really like the purple tree.