Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--my town's premier attraction!

This week's FMTS theme was chosen by Kent in Montana--he wants to see the premier attaction of our towns!

Click on the camera in the sidebar to see the other participants' fantastic photos!

So, what is Dublin's main attraction? Some could say it's the county jail (which has held the likes of Squeaky Fromm, Scott Peterson, and Barry Bonds' trainer Greg Anderson); some might say the Alameda County Sherriff's Bomb Disposal Range (seen in many a Mythbusters episode!!); but I was looking for a more, shall we say, pleasant option!

If you're passing through Dublin, you'll have to stop at Hacienda Crossings!

It's the local hub of entertainment and shopping... TONS of stores and restaurants, but the star of the complex?

The Regal Cinema, which has 21 screens! This weekend, THIS is the place to be, since the place will be jam-packed with the opening of the smash New Moon. All 4 midnight showings have been sold out for a LOOOONG time. :) (and... um... in the effort of full disclosure... yes, I'm going to see it on Saturday ;D )

It's designed and laid out very aesthetically. :) Restaurants are mixed in all over, with gorgeous palm trees towering over the patrons.

Here's what all the hub-bub's about.... (and for the record, the other movie, "Blind Side", looks FANTASTIC--it's a touching, true story. I feel sorry in the fact that it's opening against New Moon.)

And lastly... just another gorgoues California sunset.

Have a great weekend, shooters!


  1. You are making me crazy for some good Tex-Mex!

    Beautiful clear photos! Wish mine were so great, of course I did a drive-by shooting in the rain...

  2. I like the architecture of the theatre. It looks like a 50's retro design. I agree with Chef E that your photos are very clear.

  3. Stunning theatrical architecture, I can only imagine what it looks like inside.

    Barry is still trying to understand what makes the Twilight series so popular and Linda is still trying to understand why he wasted his money going to see 2012 with his brother.

    Barry & linda

  4. Beautiful photos! So crisp and sharp. I like the angles you got on the modern buildings.

  5. I love your shots. the theater is cool looking and the palm trees are great!! we don't have trees like that in Michigan. have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. I wish I was in Regal Cinema last night. I saw the poster of new moon in here. I just watched it last night. Thanks for sharing the premier attraction photos of your town. See you next Friday!