Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday "My Town" Shootout--"Reflections"!

This week's theme was chosen by Audrey in Canada.

Alas, I'm in the process of moving this week, so I didn't have time to head out and take pictures, so I'm looking back in the ol' archive for my most absolute favorite reflection photo.

These were taken last October; my cousin was getting married in Cape Cod, Massachusetts at twilight.

I now see why photographers refer to this hour as "the magic hour"!

No filters whatsoever were used here.

To set the scene....

And here it is. My aunt and uncle liked this photo so much that they used it in their Christmas letter! (Take a look in the "tidepool" in the foreground. :) )


  1. YES! these are excellent photos, the colors, romance, and reflections all rolled into one. thank you.

  2. The Cape is so pretty and what a wonderful shot you have!

  3. I love that final photo, such a striking image! I haven't been to your blog in a while - so you are a musician? what instrument do you play?

  4. Both are beautiful shots - nice job!

  5. a couple of perfect photos! I like the last photo more! Thanks for sharing!

    Can I grab my favorite photo? I planned to post a collection of this week's photo shoot out them. I will credit your site of course. If it's okay with you.

  6. great shots of reflection. very pretty!

  7. Thanks for hanging in there. The bride and groom on the beach was a treat.

  8. I like the second picture too!
    I had to give this a miss because I was too busy to post on last Friday, but this week I'm back!